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A Merlin's Magic Wand Super Hero

Zachy aged 4 undertakes challenge to raise money

A four year old Warwick Castle fan has undertaken an impressive challenge to raise money for Merlin's Magic Wand children's charity.

Zachy's favourite place is Warwick Castle and when on one visit he learnt about Merlin's Magic Wand he was desperate to raise money for the charity so other children can experience the magic of Merlin and the places he loves to go - especially the castle!

He immediately purchased items from the Merlin’s Magic Wand online shop to help with fundraising and even donated his pocket money to the Merlin’s Magic Wand fundraising box - but that wasn’t enough and he was determined to do more to help.

Zachy pledged to ride his balance bike all the way from his Nana and Grandad’s house in Coventry to Warwick Castle which is just over 11 miles to raise money. Zachy aimed to reach Warwick Castle in time for his favourite show The Falconer’s Quest, the UK's biggest birds of prey show, at 3.30pm.

Zachy put in a lot of training in the lead up to his big challenge and as it drew closer and the temperatures increased a decision was made for Zachy to complete the task over two days.

The Warwick Castle employees and Milly the Merlin's Magic Wand mascot were waiting for Zachy at the finish line and he completed his challenge to lots of cheers and high fives! He made it in time for The Falconer’s Quest show and even bravely held an owl.

Merlin’s Magic Wand were so touched by his dedication they created a new Merlin’s Magic Wand Superhero Pop Badge and Zachy was the first ever recipient of this badge to recognise his superhero fundraising efforts!

Zachy’s initial fundraising target was £100 and he very quickly smashed this and decided to give himself a new target to obtain 100 donations! Money is still being pledged but his fundraising efforts currently stand at £1,735 plus a further £265.11 with Gift Aid.

A truly inspirational story, deserving of his superhero badge.


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