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Rare JellyFish Species Unveiled

At SEA LIFE London for the first time in the UK

An elusive alien-like species of jellyfish will be unveiled at SEA LIFE London for the first time in the UK, to mark World Jellyfish Day.

The venomous species known as Rhizostoma luteum, or luteum jellyfish, is a large scyphozoa jellyfish which can grow up to 70cm across and more than two metres long with its appendages. Normally found in the eastern Atlantic, the jellyfish hasn’t been seen in the wild for more than 60 years. Once fully grown, the luteum jellyfish turns a vibrant shade of blue.

General Manager of SEA LIFE London Helen Bull said, “We're really excited to be able to unveil a never seen before jellyfish in the UK. The luteum jellyfish is a fascinating yet bizarre creature which until recently was thought to be incredibly rare. Our expert aquarists will be continuing to breed this species which will be going on display with thousands of other mesmerising jellyfish. We hope guests will be wowed when they get up close to the jellyfish for the first time.”

It’s the first time the umbrella-shaped species will go on display in an aquarium anywhere in the UK and will join thousands of weird and wonderful jellyfish at SEA LIFE London’s Ocean Invaders: Enter the world of the jellyfish

November 2018

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