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Model mastery in miniature!

When LEGOLAND Japan wanted to model their brand new theme park, they pushed the computers aside for what they know best – thousands of LEGO bricks!

As you can imagine, every new LEGOLAND Resort is a big investment so the creators want to drum up enthusiasm to make sure it’s popular and busy from the moment it opens.

The usual way of doing this is to present a model of the new theme park. This is traditionally done on a computer, or crafted from cardboard. But for the people behind the new LEGOLAND Resort in Japan, this way seemed somewhat bland, colourless and, well, a bit boring.

So they decided to use what they know best – LEGO! To show future visitors the kind of experience they could expect at LEGOLAND Japan, they built a full replica miniature LEGOLAND Resort entirely out of LEGO bricks. Since it was much smaller than the real thing, the people in the resort had to be much smaller, too. Thank goodness for LEGO minifigures!

It shows the new park in all its glory – its rides, attractions, restaurants and all the other experiences guests will soon be able to enjoy at LEGOLAND Japan. All in all, the miniature resort took two master model builders 390 hours to design and build, using a whopping 48,500 LEGO bricks! And now you’ve seen the LEGO model, why not experience the real thing? It officially opened on 1 April. See you there!

March 2017

Merlin Entertainment