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Which is the cutest?

We’re celebrating the birth of three Asiatic lion cubs – which one is cutest?

Just recently we named the cubs – Kesari, Anala and Ramari. They were born at Chessington Zoo last autumn to lioness Rani and Kamal.

Although they’re first-time parents, Kamal and Rani are off to a ROARING start (sorry!). Already they’re showing natural parental instincts – we often see Rani carrying them around in her mouth and teaching them how to play-fight.

We’re particularly excited because Kamal only recently arrived at Chessington – all the way from Canada! He made this long trip after he was identified as Rani’s perfect genetic match. That’s important because Asiatic lions are an endangered breed – it’s taken them nearly 100 years to climb back from the brink of extinction.

To help the cubs bond with their parents, Chessington’s team don’t interrupt unless it’s absolutely essential. And now Kesari, Anala and Ramari have begun exploring their outdoor enclosure, carefully watched over by their parents.

Rani and Kamal are part of a species survival programme, making the swift arrival of not just one, but three, gorgeous and healthy cubs a huge cause for celebration here and elsewhere in the conservation community. Even better, the cubs’ personalities are already starting to shine though – in particular Ramari, is showing off her cheeky side by regularly pulling on Rani and Kamal’s tails.

Which is the cutest?




February 2017

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