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What takes 3 months and 500,000 bricks?

This IS the video you’re looking for – Merlin Jedis build LEGO® Death Star

The original Death Star boasted firepower greater than half the Star Fleet and was the ultimate power in the universe. So we obviously wanted to build our own – wouldn’t you? Easier said than done, however, what with budgets and deadlines to contend with – plus those pesky laws of physics.

Then we remembered that “the power to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the Force” (D. Vader Esq), so we put our in-house model-building Jedi Masters to work. Three months and 500,000 bricks later, we now have a Death Star of our very own – and it weighs just under a tonne! We only hope they’ve sorted out that unprotected exhaust port – the one down the end of a long trench. Wouldn’t want to make that mistake again! 


February 2017 


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