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Walking in a Windsor Wonderland

LEGOLAND Windsor welcomes LEGO Sleigh, complete with LEGO Santa, for Christmas season.

We are delighted to be welcoming a giant LEGO Santa Sleigh to the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort to mark the opening of our Christmas season. The model is built from 700,000 LEGO bricks, it took over a month to build, and is loaded with LEGO presents, weighing a staggering 2,500kg – that’s the equivalent of more than 5000 Christmas puddings!

LEGOLAND Windsor has welcomed a giant LEGO Sleigh, complete with LEGO Santa, to the Resort for their Christmas season. Peak behind the scenes as the team install this 700,000 brick model to the beginning area. The Sleigh is interactive so guests and hop into Santa’s sleigh and get a selfie with the man himself.

The install process took and whole day and involved the Sleigh, and each Reindeer, being individually fork lifted into place. The model weighs a staggering 2,500 kilograms and had to be handled carefully to ensure it was in perfect condition for guests to enjoy. 

Want to get your snap with LEGO Santa? LEGOLAND is open for Christmas from 9-10th, 16-24th December.

December 2017

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