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Behind the scenes

Shrektacular Trolls Festival comes to Shrek's Adventure! London

How do you transform a space into a Trolls wonderland?

This Summer at Shrek’s Adventre! London, Poppy and friends have come to visit for a special Trolls Festival, from the 28th July to the 3rd September. The festival includes a ‘meet and greet’ with Poppy and the chance to sing ‘Can’t Stop The Feeling’ on the Trolls Dancefloor in an awesome Trolls themed area.

But just how do you transform a space into a Trolls wonderland? We spoke to Verity Treadwell, the Displays assistant for Shrek’s Adventure! London, to find out how her team designed and built the Trolls festival space.

Verity says she watched Trolls at least five times to really get the feel of the animation and a better understanding of their style. The Trolls are originally from the 60’s and 70’s, so everything has a vibrant, colourful feel, featuring prints and textiles from that era.

Verity picked two of the most immersive scenes from the film, and her team used over 150 meters of fuzzy felt and 30 meters of crazy fur to create the Trolls space.

The whole process took nearly two months to complete and had to be scaled down to size to fit with Poppy. I think you can see from the pictures below they did an amazing job!

Full details of the Trolls Festival can be found here

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