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Why Do Theme Parks Have Closed Season?

THORPE PARK Resort explain what happens during their winter close

What happens at a theme park during the winter period and why do theme parks have a closed season? THORPE PARK Resort is currently closed until March 2019 due to the cold winter temperatures, so the park focuses on maintaining their famous ‘steel babies’ - roller coasters like Stealth and The Swarm.

Rides are hard-working pieces of machinery. In a day, a coaster might make hundreds of circuits of the track. Obviously they are maintained every day by the park's fantastic engineering team, but when the season comes to an end, they undergo lots of additional TLC.

Each nut and bolt of every single ride is meticulously checked during the closed period, replacing any components that need it. The team at THORPE PARK Resort also use this period to work on construction projects like new retail units and changes to facilities. The park gets a full clean and spruce up – there is no time to hibernate this Christmas!

The park’s HR team begin the hiring process for the new season in 2019 and the Marketing department work on the exciting year ahead. So while it may seem like THORPE PARK Resort goes dark until March, in many ways, it’s their busiest time of year!

THORPE PARK Resort have created a Winter Work Series to lift the lid on what is happening at the park during close, check out episode one below and the rest of the series here

Want to learn more? Why not check out THORPE PARKS Resorts' blog and Facebook page?

December 2018

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