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Team Turtle Campaign on World Oceans Day

8th June is World Oceans Day and a great opportunity to reflect on the amazing conservation work supported by the SEA LIFE TRUST over the last 18 months, including their Team Turtle campaign.

The Trust’s Team Turtle campaign encourages people to make small changes in their daily lives which help protect marine creatures, changes such as avoiding single-use plastic and eating only sustainable seafood.

SEA LIFE TRUST has also supported important projects to help protect sea turtles in the wild, including an innovative project that fixes LED lights to nets to reduce the number of sea turtles accidentally caught in them.

Another amazing project that has the Trust’s support is the removal of deadly ‘ghost netting’ from the seas around the Maldives with the Olive Ridley Project who rescue and rehabilitate turtles trapped in ghost netting and campaign for cleaner oceans.

Find out more about Team Turtle and make your pledge on World Ocean Day!

June 2018


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