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Behind the scenes

Sniffing dinosaur poo, feeding sharks, and working with Postman Pat

All in a day’s work at the CBeebies Land Hotel!

Alton Towers Resort has opened the doors on the first and only CBeebies Land Hotel, which brings the TV world to life for pint-sized fans. Packed full of special and interactive features, it has 76 fully themed CBeebies rooms for guests to enjoy. There’s the chance to snooze in Greendale, home of Postman Pat, kip in your very own Octonauts sub as part of an underwater themed adventure or enjoy a bedtime story ‘In the Night Garden’ alongside Igglepiggle and Upsy Daisy thanks to their themed room. Guests can also opt for a swashbuckling stopover and Something Special stay – making it a sleepover like no other.

Furthermore, there’s 14 hours of live entertainment for guests to enjoy. Performer Shannon Stroud is among the team helping bring CBeebies to life from dusk to dawn, which includes sniffing dinosaur poo as part of Andy’s Prehistoric Quest, an interactive live show for promising paliantoligists, and feeding sharks to help keep them at bay with budding buccaneers as they embark on a Swashbuckle adventure!

Shannon also gets to work alongside her childhood hero, Postman Pat, as well as party with Ubercorn, the super cool disco dancing unicorn from Go Jetters and Captain Barnacles.

The 21-year-old grew up watching, and always dreamed of being on children’s television and is now one of a small group of performers who deliver the entertainment at the newest UK hotel, which is designed exclusively for kids.

She plays up to eight different roles/characters every single day and has mastered more than 150 pages of script for the job role.

Shannon said: “The hotel looks amazing – it’s like stepping into the CBeebies world. It’s a lot of pressure because the children coming to watch know CBeebies inside out and the characters are almost like best friends. I worked in the entertainment team at CBeebies Land before auditioning for the hotel in January. I always thought I’d just be a dancer, but working at Alton Towers Resort has been really exciting, especially this year as I get to work with characters I remember from when I was little, like Postman Pat.

July 2017

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