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Protecting the magic

Safety Week Is Serious AND Fun

Safety is fundamental to creating memorable experiences for our guests, and it’s a priority we take seriously.

Last year, Merlin introduced its first Safety Week which became an instant success. Not just because it was fun and educational, but because staff in every department at every attraction became involved with both preparations and participation. Safety is everyone’s responsibility.

This year, Amsterdam’s Madame Tussauds and Dungeon have created their very own ‘Super Safety Heroes’ to showcase Merlin’s Six Spells for Safety. Using the theme for the 2018 Safety Week ‘Pass it on’, they’ve been passing on golden rules for safety, discussing great ideas and organising some brand new safety events. One of these includes an educational twist on Merlin’s regular leadership safety walks – where Merlin’s front line employees get the opportunity to inspect safety for themselves and understand the importance of Protecting the Magic from a different perspective.

Smiles, laughs and safe thinking have been high on the agenda. Safety Week is here to stay.

April 2018

Merlin Entertainment