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Protecting the magic

Merlin Launches Safety Week 2019

Foucs on Mental Health and Wellbeing

29th April marks Merlin’s third annual Safety Week and shines the spotlight on the lengths we go to in order to keep our guests, colleagues, contractors and animals safe.

This year is all about protecting Mental Health and Wellbeing. Employees in all our attractions around the world are getting involved in new Wellbeing programmes and making individual promises about how they plan to Protect their Magic moving forwards, not only during Safety Week but throughout the months to come.

Being active, mindful and involved are our themes for the next few days and we’ve been talking about the benefits of exercise and how it can improve our mood and help to manage stress better. From skipping to yoga, therapy dogs to charity work, healthy eating to health checks. Everyone’s getting involved and trying something new!

In Merlin’s Madame Tussauds Blackpool attraction every Wednesday evening, the team have completed a 5k walk along the Promenade to the Pleasure Beach and back again. People felt so positive and refreshed after, it is something they plan to do more in the future.

At SEA LIFE Centre in Konstanz is on ‘Mental Health & Wellbeing’ employees have thrown themselves into special Health and Safety actions this week. Besides mindfulness exercises before work, management also providing a buffet full of fruit, a little workout with the office team and the opportunity to take part in a free de-escalation training.

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