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Behind the scenes

Gravity-Defying Dining

All thrills and no spills at Rollercoaster Restaurant

The Rollercoaster Restaurant at Alton Towers Resort is celebrating its second birthday this month and has delivered more than 500,000 gravity defying dishes to diners on a track that includes two loop-the-loops and a giant 26 foot signature drop!

We spoke to Executive Head Chef Dan Wilbraham to find out just how these dishes reach their destination whilst still looking – and tasting – great.

“All the food travels from the kitchen to the table in specially designed metal pots, which are kept secure with straps. This works with the force of gravity to make sure everything stays intact – it’s all science really! There’s a bit of Merlin magic thrown in there too, of course!

Whenever we have a new item on the menu we do a lot of testing that you wouldn’t find in another restaurant to ensure it is going to make it down the track and the loop-the-loop in a speedy manner and still look good when it arrives. During testing the dishes travel 173 miles each week -that's the equivalent of a trip from London to Sheffield!

Everything goes down the track, even the tomato soup and the drinks. We’ve even sent a cooked turkey down the track to celebrate Christmas dinner being served in the restaurant.”

May 2018

Merlin Entertainment