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Puppy love

Job satisfaction? Knowing that the seal you rescued is now a mum!

Surprise photos told happy Scarborough SEA LIFE Sanctuary staff that a young seal they rescued is alive and very, very well!

Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust warden Lizzie Lemon’s photos showed a seal wearing a distinctive blue tag, along with her new-born pup. “We soon identified the mother as Sandy,” says the Sanctuary’s Lyndsey Crawford. “We rescued her in December 2010 when she was barely a month old.”                                                                                                

Back then, Sandy was very distressed, Lyndsey recalls: “She had deep cuts to her flippers, cuts to her right eye and face, and some very nasty mouth abscesses.” However, Sandy responded well to the Sanctuary’s expert care and after a couple of months she was healthy enough to return to the wild.

“Releasing the seals we rescue is a bittersweet moment, because we do become very attached to them,” says Lyndsey. “But it’s also really satisfying to help them get well enough so they can go back and live their lives.” In February 2011, the Sanctuary’s staff released Sandy at Donna Nook, Lincolnshire – the same colony where she and her pup were spotted recently.

“We’ve rescued and released hundreds of sickly, injured or orphaned seal pups,” Lyndsey says. “You can only see their tags when they’re out of the water, and they rarely allow anyone close enough to read them. So although we know most pups we release go on to resume normal lives, this is the first categoric proof of one having a pup of her own."

March 2017

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