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Dan Smith on life as a Merlin Project Manager

One of the great things about working for Merlin Entertainments is you can have a career full of variety making brilliant things happen, helping to deliver magicaland memorable experiences to millions of people around the world, no matter your skill set. We spoke to Dan Smith, Project Manager for Merlin Magic Making to find out more about his role and why he chose to work for Merlin.

“I’ve been working for Merlin now as a Project Manager for around 18 months. I started out in my career as a Mechanical Engineer and after I finished University, I started work as a Project Engineer before shortly progressing to the role of Project Manager. I’ve always enjoyed the challenges of Project Delivery. I love knowing that every project is different and each has its own unique complexities.

“One of the big things that attracted me to Merlin was the huge variety of exciting projects that we have planned throughout the next few years, from new indoor rides to building complete Holiday Villages. I also really love how fast paced the business is, and that you get the opportunity to work on so many varied and diverse projects.

On one project I could be working to design a huge interactive flying 5D cinema for the next Lego Movie release, whilst the next minute we could be looking at how to build a complete replica life-sized building of the LEGO Haunted House at 25x scale!

Recently I was lucky enough to be leading the project to build Merlin’s 6th NINJAGO World at LEGOLAND Windsor. My role as Project Manager was to lead the project from starting construction onsite, all the way through to installation of all the rides, hardware and audio visual systems – through to testing, commissioning and then training of all the local teams. Before eventually, leading a complete handover to the local LEGOLAND park.”

July 2018

Dan Smith Project Engineer Merlin
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