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Protecting the magic

Our Rides. Your Safety.

No sooner do the Park gates shut for the season, than a thorough ride overhaul begins.

Highly trained, qualified and technically competent technicians and engineering teams already check Merlin’s rides daily. But at least once a year, each of our rides gets a complete annual health check. Call it an MOT but on a much bigger scale!

Early in the autumn, theme parks with a closed season begin a rigorous programme to strip down and run ‘non-destructive testing’ on rides; often bringing in third parties for specialist assistance. If a park is open throughout the year, the same work is carried out on a rotational basis.

No matter when or where we do this, every ride has to be inspected, checked and signed off by an independent and competent Inspection Body to guarantee its condition and safety. They are helped by Merlin’s in-house engineering experts who strip down each ride and prepare safety critical components for review and testing.

While these annual inspections take place, the rides get their annual maintenance check too, based on manufacturer recommendations. If a component needs replacing, we do it.

At the end of the strip down process, each Merlin ride is awarded a safety certificate that’s valid for 12 months. We’re only happy if every piece of safety-critical equipment is of the highest quality and runs just as it should do. Because we want to give you peace of mind and re-assurance while you have FUN. 

For more information about how we Protect the Magic at Merlin, visit our microsite

November 2017

Merlin Entertainment