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Behind the scenes

“One of the best jobs in the world”

‘Head of Entertainments’ at Alton Towers Resort sounds like a dream job

As Head of Entertainments at Alton Towers Resort, Chris Carter runs a team of stage managers, scene builders, costume designers, technicians, performers and more who provide all the different entertainments watched by the thousands of visitors visiting Alton Towers each year.

That means fireworks, Christmas, street theatre in CBeebies Land and steampunk bands playing in the hotel. It also includes Halloween mazes packed with vampires and zombies, and collaborations with global brands – for example, on March 25th, the park’s new Furchester live show opens to the public. It’s the first ever collaboration between Sesame Street, Alton Towers Resort and the BBC. And the person responsible for all of this? It’s Chris.

“We couldn’t do all this with just anyone,” says Chris. “Luckily, my team is highly skilled, very creative, and they work together really hard day in, day out to create and deliver all this entertainment to our guests.”

“At one end of the spectrum are the character meet and greets. Seeing the joy and excitement on a child’s face as they meet their hero never gets old. And there’s the Blooms allotment show, where you end up singing the bedtime song as you tiptoe out, trying not to wake up the veggies. It’s charming, unique and really special.”

“In complete contrast, it’s just as satisfying to see guests run screaming from a crazed chainsaw-wielding chef and then laughing hysterically with their friends. And it’s always thrilling to stand with 25,000 guests cheering at our fireworks. Hearing so many happy people in one place is a very special feeling. This truly is one of the best jobs in the world!”


March 2017

Merlin Entertainment