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Merlin Magic Making

“Once upon a time in the LEGOLAND Castle Hotel…”

Wanted! Little wizard writers to create a magical short story for our awesome new hotel!

At LEGOLAND Windsor Resort, we’re opening a brand new hotel this year – the LEGOLAND Castle Hotel. and we need a fantastical, magical story that we can put in every room to make our guests feel even more wizardly. 

That’s where you come in! We’re running a short story competition that’s strictly for children aged between 5 and 12 years old. That’s right – no teenagers or parents allowed!

We want you to write a short story – no more than 500 words – that starts with “Once upon a time in the LEGOLAND Castle Hotel…” and takes place in a magical world of fire-breathing dragons and whimsical wizards. You can find more information right here 

The closing date is Monday 27th March 2017. Then we’ll have the IMPOSSIBLE job of picking the winner – and then we’ll print their story as a proper illustrated book and put it in every room of the LEGOLAND Castle Hotel for thousands more children to enjoy.

The winner can also help us create the illustrations for their story. And once the LEGOLAND Castle Hotel opens in July, they and their family will be among the very first guests to stay in our magical new rooms, complete with their own magical new story!

Remember, the closing date is coming up fast, so think of your best-ever magical story, start writing – and GOOD LUCK!

March 2017

Merlin Entertainment