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Merlin’s Magic Wand

New Merlin's Magic Wand Units Donated

To children's hospital with help from SEA LIFE Munich

As part of Merlin’s Magic Wand ten year celebrations, the charity donated a mobile unit through Sea Life München to Dr. von Haunersches Children's Hospital.

Merlin’s Magic Wand Mobile units are specially designed to provide children, who are too ill to leave their hospital bed or ward with the magic of Merlin. The unit makes fun accessible and interactive through playing on the X Box, being creative with LEGO and DUPLO brick build or playing board games with family or friends.

Merlin's Magic Wand was delighted to partner with SEA LIFE Munich to donate this unit, which was specially specially delivered by Sharky the SEA LIFE mascot to the Dr. von Haunersches Children's Hospital. They hope the unit brings much joy to the children and their families who have to spend time in medical care.

"It is all the better to see the children and their parents laughing together," says Jochen Schilling, General Manager at SEA LIFE Munich.

Delighted Ms. Simander and Ms. Borgolte from the hospital, said  "SEA LIFE finally put an end to the boredom at the stations. The tower can be rolled to every bed of our little patients and they can build LEGO, measure forces with friends on the game console or just watch their favorite movie - the kids who were already allowed to test the tower could hardly stop playing!"

January 2019

Dr. von Haunersches Children's Hospital
Merlin Entertainment