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Merlin’s Magic Wand

MORE MAGIC from Merlin’s Magic Spaces!

From a derelict space to a self-guided sensory learning garden.

Merlin’s Magic Wand has teamed up with SEA LIFE Weymouth to give a complete redesign and rejuvenation to Westfield School’s garden.

Westfield School is a specialist needs school which caters for children with severe and complex learning difficulties and disabilities from ages 4-19. Most of the children are unable to visit our attractions due to their specialist needs.  

The objective of creating a new sensory space for the children will be to provide magical and immersive, hands on experience full of amazing discoveries for all the children. Children learn through play and by combining elements of SEA LIFE throughout, it will ensure that every child experiences a magical day, every day if they are unable to visit our attractions. 

The children use outdoor spaces a lot as they struggle to cope in classrooms and enclosed spaces. The new garden will be transformed into a self-guided sensory learning garden with musical equipment, vibrant colours and sensory plants for smell and touch.

Jenny Savage, Business School Manager said “We are delighted that through their charity, Merlin’s Magic Wand, a team of staff from SEA LIFE Weymouth transformed a piece of unused ground beside the playground into a sensory area for the pupils.  They have created a seaside themed area with a shady pergola, seating, sensory plants and musical instruments. The children have been eagerly watching as this area has been transformed and couldn’t wait for the temporary fencing to come down. We are truly grateful to the charity for this wonderful final touch to our play area.”

May 2017

Merlin Entertainment