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Merlin Magic Making

Making The Magic

Technology Behind the Theming

What do we do?

The team at Merlin Magic Making (MMM) Theming Studios hidden in the Dark Forest at Alton Towers Resort are pushing the technological boundaries as they work to make Merlin magic for our attractions around the world.

“Theming” effectively is all of the visual elements of our rides and attractions that bring the story to life. From 3D models of amazing characters to the magical interiors themed hotels, from life size train carriages to full size models of aeroplanes, MMM take magical ideas and turn them into reality.

Robotics, CNC machining, 3D Printing, Rotational Casting and Vacuum Forming are technologies most commonly found in such mass manufacturing environments as car factories, but here at MMM we have embraced this advanced technology and have adapted its use to create unique and memorable theming for attractions across the world of Merlin.

Often working closely with our partners such as CBeebies, LEGO® and DreamWorks we are able to take detailed digital information and translate it into full 3D models of everything from themed elements of our fantastic new Cbeebies Land hotel, to the Gruffalo and Shrek . Models are scaled or manipulated digitally into any desired pose or size prior to being sent to our cutting edge robot arm to be created in real life. Here’s a sneaky peek…

As technology continues to develop in areas of digital scanning and 3D printing, we are already creating props, figurines and models with these methods. 3D printing is very much the future with machines becoming larger, faster, using stronger and more robust materials.

We are currently working a top secret project for launch next year at Alton Towers Resort which is one of our biggest theming challenges yet.

“What we do here, is pretty hush hush” said Theming Production Director Eddie Kirkham. “Without divulging too much it's the most exciting, creative and fulfilling job anyone could wish for”.

October 2017

Merlin Entertainment