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Shanghai Orphanage Receives Magic Space

Merlin's Magic Wand charity supports children facing the challenge of serious illness, disability or adversity around the world with the aim to make fun accessible to all.

This is why Merlin’s Magic Wand invests in Merlin's Magic Spaces, providing children who can’t visit Merlin attractions due to severe illness, physical disability or other exceptional circumstances, with the opportunity to experience Merlin magic.

Most recently, Merlin’s Magic Wand partnered with Merlin’s Shanghai Cluster Team in China to deliver a colourful interactive outdoor play area at an orphanage in Shanghai, which cares for children with complex needs.

To support the amazing care the orphanage gives, Merlin's Magic Wand gave the playground a much needed transformation into a vibrant, colourful play area for the children to rehabilitate through fun, laughter and creative play for years to come.

June 2018

Shanghai orphanage Magic Space
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