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First Rooms Ready at Gardaland Magic Hotel

And receive a very magical visitor...

With just three months to go until the grand opening, the first themed rooms are ready at the highly anticipated Gardaland Magic Hotel and had visit from a very special guest.

The Great Wizard decided he wanted to see the first rooms for himself! While meeting the busy workers, the Great Wizard received the “magic key” that granted him access to those rooms which have already been completed.

After moving across the 4,770 square metres of the garden he arrived at the rooms to admire the scenic 3D elements made from fiberglass by the talent creative team and used to setup the various themed rooms, namely Wizard House, Magic Ice Castle and Enchanted Forest.

The Great Wizard was able to witness first-hand the extraordinary impact of the 44 trees overlooking the double bed and the 88 giant mushrooms – also made in 3D – present inside the Enchanted Forest themed rooms.
Completing one room a day, a close-knit team made of professional suppliers are making this ambitious project possible. There are more than 80 supplying companies involved, all from Italy with a grand total of almost 600 workers who are all working hard to create the three blocks the new Hotel will consist of.

Gardaland Magic Hotel will be inaugurated next 31st May and it will be offering Guests the most extraordinary magic experience of all time, in an enchanted realm populated by wizards, talking trees and magic creatures.

February 2019

Merlin Entertainment