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Behind the scenes


THORPE PARK Resort unveiled a gory billboard featuring walkers feasting on blood and entrails, to promote two new exclusive The Walking Dead mazes. It marks the launch of the theme park’s annual FRIGHT NIGHTS season starting on 29th September, which will be the biggest in its history, running for more days than ever before.

The living billboard, which soaked unaware passing commuters in blood and guts in London, was created using over 50 kilogrammes of offal (animal organs and entrails) and blood.

THORPE PARK Resort has secured an exclusive deal with the U.S. television network AMC to launch two new live-action attractions based on the globally renowned TV series The Walking Dead.

Marketing executives at THORPE PARK Resort are trialling the new interactive gore-fest billboard in East London, with a view to rolling out the new advertising format nationwide soon.

Dominic Jones, Divisional Director, at THORPE PARK Resort said, "Fright Nights is THORPE PARK Resort’s biggest event of the year, and we’re hugely excited to bring the worldwide phenomenon that is The Walking Dead to our visitors. The attractions are absolutely terrifying and are definitely not for the faint hearted.”

 September 2017


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