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Little Big City Bejing Opens

Experience the greatest tour of Bejing's history

The latest Little Big City has now opened in Bejing, taking visitors on the greatest tour of all time through 1,000 years of the city!

Captivating special effects and immersive miniature (including a cast of 6,000 inhabitants!) bring the most iconic moments in China’s history to life, from Genghis Khan conquering Beijing to the Emperor’s Wedding in the Forbidden City. 

The new attraction not only depicts the iconic buildings and streets to scale, but uses amazing special effects and cutting edge multi-media technology, including projection mapping and holograms, to bring alive the key moments that have shaped Beijing from mythical legend to modern times.

Little Big City Bejing is the second attraction of its kind to open, following on from Little Big City Berlin, and is the first interactive, miniature experience in Asia. Check out the video below!

August 2018

Merlin Entertainment