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Behind the scenes

New Interactive LEGO Reef

Families can dive under the sea LEGOLAND Windsor

The awesome new LEGO® Reef joins the line-up of exciting new attractions at the LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort this year. Families can dive deep under the sea and build colourful fish out of virtual LEGO bricks.

Bursting with interactive fun, little ones can use touchscreens to create their very own personalised virtual LEGO fish using 15 different LEGO colours - including Clown Fish, Angler Fish, and Piranhas -before casting them off into the ocean and watching them swim through the interactive floor to ceiling coral reef. Guests can then ‘feed’ their hungry new LEGO creations at the press of a ‘feed me’ button! What’s more, they are also able to explore their imagination and build LEGO starfish, crabs and submarines at the free LEGO building stations.

The LEGO Reef concept was adapted from the SEA LIFE brand, with the original programme, Amazing Creations, starting life as an attraction that allowed guests to colour in a pre-drawn fish on a piece of paper that was then scanned to place the fish into a digital tank.

The concept was modified and re-designed to suit the LEGO brand and The LEGO Reef was born. Now a fully digital experience children use touchscreens to build their fish and intelligent projectors respond to children touching the interactive coral reef as their fish appears.

July 2018

Merlin Entertainment