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Behind the scenes

LEGO® City comes to life

In NEW 4D Movie at LEGOLAND Windsor

On 4 May, a brand new 4D movie is launching at the LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort. LEGO® City 4D – Officer in Pursuit! is screening exclusively at LEGOLAND® Parks and Discovery Centre’s and will have the whole family laughing out loud.

In this 12 minute movie, join LEGO City Police Officers in a crazy 4D caper across town as they chase down the mischievous crook through the streets and skyscrapers of the metropolis. Families can become part of the action in this chaotic pursuit, brought to life through 3D glasses and 4D water, wind, fire and bubble effects.

Also new for 2019 at LEGOLAND Windsor is the Haunted House Monster Party ride. Little monsters are now invited to join the frightfully friendly Lord Vampyre for a monstrous party at his spooky haunted home. Young party guests are be greeted by LEGO brick gargoyles and talking statues, LEGO bunting, banners and balloons.

Inside Lord Vampyre’s Haunted House, families take their seats on the ride at a banquet table in a magnificent hall, brimming with ghastly monster party food, cauldrons, potion bottles and goblets. Once sitting comfortably, Lord Vampyre will reveal his magical party trick – bringing the banquet hall swinging to life and turning the room upside down before his party goer’s very eyes.

The LEGO® MOVIE™ 2 Experience, gives guests the chance to explore an actual LEGO® set as seen in “The LEGO® MOVIE™ 2”. Returning heroes Emmet, Wyldstyle, and their LEGO co-stars can be spotted in their hometown of Apocalypseburg recreated in miniature LEGO scale.

The LEGO® MOVIE™ 2 Experience is created out of 62,254 LEGO bricks, featuring 628 types of LEGO elements, utilizing 31 different colours. The new attraction offers guests an up-close look at Apocalypseburg and families will be amazed by the details that go into making this 3D animated blockbuster movie.

May 2019

LEGO City - 4D movie
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