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Historic Garden Restoration

£1 million conservation project underway at Alton Towers Resort

Over the last 12 months the historic gardens at Alton Towers Resort have benefitted from a one million pound conservation project. The Alton Towers Resort gardens originally took shape in 1810 as a pet project of the 15th Earl of Shrewsbury. He invited the best architects of the day to transform barren farmland into the beautiful gardens seen today.

One of the garden's most iconic features, the Grand Garden Conservatory, has been lovingly restored as part of this project. Completed in 1820, the Grade II* listed building was home to some of the first bananas ever grown in the UK. Even back then, they were leading the way!

A diligent team of experts has removed, cleaned and replaced around 11,500 panes of glass, repaired and re-painted wooden frames, repaired the stonework and have replaced warped iron domes and floor grills.

The conservatory’s most eye-catching features the ‘finals’ have also been restored to their former glory by artists using historic photos for reference bringing this masterpiece of a building back to life.

Next time you find yourself at Alton Towers Resort and near Mutiny Bay, be sure to take a wander down to the Grand Garden Conservatory and see the impressive structure for yourself and see what they are currently growing (hint, it’s kiwifruit!).

June 2018

Alton Towers Garden Conservation Project
Alton Towers Conservatory
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