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New Gardaland Magic Hotel to open in May

Themed rooms transport guests into immersive park experience

After a record-breaking season, Gardaland Resort is about to become the undisputed national leader in the themed accommodation market. Scheduled to open 31st May 2019, Gardaland Resort will reach a total of 475 rooms, 257 of which completely themed creating an uninterrupted, immersive experience for park visitors.

The new hotel offers three different, immersive room themes. In the Enchanted Forest rooms, guests will be transported into inhabitants of a magic forest. Adults will sleep at the foot of an imposing talking tree, while children spend the night under astonishing giant mushrooms, flowers and amusing vine entanglements.

In the Cristallo Magico room, guests stay inside a fantastic castle of dazzling ice, surrounded by frozen sculptures as winged unicorns and flying dragons sail the skies. Those staying in the Grande Mago room enter the world of Casa del Mago (the House of the Magician) where children become the apprentices of the great Magician and cast magic spells that make ancient, secret books fly.

All rooms will boast two separate areas; one with a double bed and one with two single beds, allowing the whole family to experience in maximum comfort a marvellous and enchanted stay.

“Our wholly themed rooms offer children and their families a memorable experience inside Gardaland’s world of magic, where our Guests will be welcomed by talking trees, mushrooms, winged unicorns, magicians and other fantastic creatures” declares Luca Marigo, Sales & Marketing Director of Gardaland.

Recruitment has already begun for hotel personnel, with the three hotels, collectively employing a grand total of 175 employees, full time and seasonal.

February 2019

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