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Behind the scenes

Fureezing Felines!

Tigers get a frosty treat at Chessington World of Adventures Resort

As the UK experienced a scorching summer last month, Chessington World of Adventures Resort’s four new Amur tigers, originally from Kolmarden Wildlife Park in Sweden, had a helping hand from Zookeepers to acclimatise them to the heatwave.

Giant ice cubes were given to the felines, providing them with a frosty new treat. The tigers couldn't get enough of the frozen blocks, and spent their day licking and playing with the ice until they had melted entirely.

Oli Whiteway, Senior Carnivore Keeper at the Resort, said: "As the tigers have only ever experienced the cooler climates of Sweden, we sympathised with them during the heatwave! While they have plenty of cool indoor areas to rest in, we like to keep them stimulated and thought we would try something new. These ice blocks were filled with fish and some of their favourite toys, providing them with a new and cooling play time, which they clearly enjoyed!"

August 2018

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