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Behind the scenes

Exciting new facilities at Alton Towers Resort!

Incredible and wonderful – now inclusive and accessible!

After listening to recommendations from visitors and working with an expert in accessibility, Alton Towers has invested in two new facilities that will make the park much more accessible and inclusive.

It recently installed a modern ‘Changing Place’ in X Sector and a ‘Space to Change’ facility in Fountain Square. They have hoists, adult changing beds, height-adjustable sinks and lots of space – enough for up to two helpers. What’s more, their locations are near the main entrance and Skyride, within easy reach from anywhere in the park. 

Wayne Burton, Head of Product Excellence at Alton Towers Resort, said: “Making Alton Towers more accessible is something our visitors care deeply about. We’ve received some incredibly useful suggestions from both our guests and our external consultant, and we’ve now translated those recommendations into practical solutions. We hope that many more people will now find Alton Towers not only incredible and wonderful, but also inclusive and accessible!”

The changes extend to the park’s Accessibility Guide, available online and from the Resort Box Office. It now includes the ‘Something Special Sensory Garden’, designed to help children develop their language. And visitors this year will see that the park’s signs and map now highlight accessible routes and clearly signpost the ‘Changing Places’ and ‘Space to Change’ areas, so they’re quicker to find and visitors can spend more of their time having fun!

April 2017

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