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Trust Turtle Mission

SEA LIFE TRUST went on a Trust Turtle Mission to East Timor

Excited schoolchildren in Timor Leste, an island nation to the north west of Australia, hosted a visit by the SEA LIFE TRUST (ANZ) on a mission to improve future prospects for nesting sea turtles.

One of the most impoverished countries on the planet, Timor Leste hosts vitally important sea turtle nesting beaches, but years of over harvesting of both turtles and their eggs have had a drastic impact.

Over seven days, the Trust delegation worked together with representatives of Conservation International on schools outreach activities raising awareness of the need to protect nests and nesting beaches and keep the beaches clear of litter. Christened the ‘Every Turtle Counts’ project, it also included tagging turtles, visiting other NGOs…and of course a bit of recreational snorkelling on some of the world’s most pristine reefs.

Expedition leader Claudette Rechtorik, Head of SLT Aus/NZ, said they were shocked to find no waste management in the country and beaches covered in rubbish, as well as high rates of malnourishment and shortage of education resources. A second expedition is planned for May next year to build on the amazing success of this inaugural mission.

Follow this link to see the team in action on one of their expedition field days


 June 2018

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