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Behind the scenes

Could YOU swim with sharks?

After leaving school, Shane Beardmore struggled to find work until a summer job at SEA LIFE Great Yarmouth opened up a whole new world and gave him a brand new goal.

Half hour stints as a Moshi Monster are an unusual way to find your calling in life, but it certainly worked for Shane. During his breaks, he nurtured a newfound interest in marine life, learning enough to start giving talks and supervising rock-pool sessions. Then, one day, Shane saw a colleague dive into SEA LIFE’s ocean display to join its sharks and Noah, its resident green turtle. He was hooked.

Fortunately, Shane’s willingness to help out whenever possible led to a part-time job as one of the SEA LIFE team. He soon made the most of Merlin’s in-house training to learn how to dive and, last summer, he finally achieved his ambition of spending time in SEA LIFE’s ocean tank. “Noah and the sharks are my favourites,” he said. “Seeing them from the tunnel is fantastic, but being in there with them, swimming alongside them, is just incredible.”

Shane now works full-time at SEA LIFE Great Yarmouth and has just completed an intensive fish husbandry training course. “It’s funny that I only took a summer job here and then I suddenly found that I had a new goal in life,” he said. “The amazing marine world it introduced me to enthralled me so completely that I now think it was destiny and I can’t imagine doing anything else.”

March 2017

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