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Largest Living Coral Reef in UK

SEA LIFE London has unveiled the UK’s largest living Coral reef, in the dazzling underwater oasis 'Coral Kingdom'.

Visitors can escape the hustle and bustle of the city as they watch the calming display of sea anemone, watch hundreds of clown fish and the vivid vista of colour from one of the most diverse ecosystems. The spectacle of shimmering colour takes place in the colossal new, specially commissioned 40ft tank! Be ready to journey through the leafy green shallows of the Mangroves as the corals mesmerizingly transition between day and night.

The experience features a variety of other awesome marine creatures including Archerfish, Hermit crabs, regal tangs and cardinal fish; all of which play their own unique part in the underwater kingdom. 

Coral Kingdom includes exciting interactive elements for guests to enjoy and discover what life is like for creatures on the reef, such as the fun Clownfish Challenge game where guests have to weave, dodge and shuffle their way through the reef just like a resident clownfish!

Did you know that coral reefs are marine animals, closely related to jellyfish? Matt, whose official job title is ‘Coral Gardner’ at SEA LIFE London recently visited Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch to talk about the amazing properties of coral reefs (including their luminescence) and why we should protect them. Check out the video below!

June 2019

Coral Kingdom SEA LIFE London
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