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Behind the scenes

Return of an Icon

Colossos re-opens at Heide Park

After a three-year break, the wooden roller coaster at the Heide Park Resort in Soltau returns this year and it will be better and more powerful than ever! “Colossos – Kampf der Giganten"- the return of the icon

In January last year, the managing director of Heide Park Resort, Sabrina de Carvalho, announced that coaster favorite Colossos will return to the 2019 season. In total, Merlin Entertainments is investing 12 million euros into the return of Europe's fastest and highest wooden roller coaster.

In mid-June 2018, the first old rail was removed and a total of 320 rails are replaced at 3,000 meters. More than 10,000 bolts have been used and, 300 ledgers, the substructure under the rail, were pressure-impregnated and installed.

An impressive look behind the scenes with photo and video updates will be available soon. Colossos returns - and promises an even more gigantic adventure in 2019. Further information, prices and opening times at

January 2019

Merlin Entertainment