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Merlin’s Magic Wand

Classroom Castle Transformation

Magic Space by The Edinburgh Dungeon

Merlin’s Magic Wand has teamed up with The Edinburgh Dungeon to transform an unloved classroom into a magical new Castle-inspired soft play area, for pupils at Rowanfield School.

Rowanfield School is situated in the North of Edinburgh and is a citywide, multi-agency school for primary aged children with severe and complex social, emotional and behavioural needs. The schoool promotes independent learning through the use of play, outdoor adventure, first-hand learning, exploration, and discovery.

The transformation of a once unloved classroom into a new magical sensory soft play area means the children are able to have even more fun whilst learning through play at school. The new space encourages the children to develop their physical, social, mental and emotional skills by exploring the Castle and having fun using their balancing, jumping and climbing skills.

Rosy Hume, Acting Head teacher at Rowanfield School, said, “The Magic Space at Rowanfield School was created through our close collaboration with The Edinburgh Dungeon, finally opening its doors to pupils in August after four months. Our Pupil Council and staff were heavily involved in providing ideas to help the designers."

"Their first reactions were mainly stunned silence; they were totally overwhelmed - a couple of the older students screamed with delight! Today we had a parent show up as her son (who rarely talks about school) had invited her to come in and see it as he was so excited! We can’t thank Merlin’s Magic Wand enough!”

Stuart Jarman, General Manager at The Edinburgh Dungeon, said, “Now that this amazing new Magic Spaces Project is in place The Edinburgh Dungeon will continue working with the school through providing days out and engaging the children with Merlin’s Magic on Tour.”

November 2018

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Rowanfield School Merlin's Magic Wand
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