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Protecting the magic

Behind the scenes at FRIGHT NIGHTS

How do we Protect the Magic at Halloween?

Spooks, frights and thrills have to be safe to be fun. Behind the scenes at THORPE PARK Resort, the Health, Safety and Security team is focused as usual on ensuring that the extra excitement is nothing but scaretastic. But did you know that the planning for next year’s Fright Nights season begins almost immediately after the current one finishes?

Merlin’s Technicians and Entertainments Team take a good look at feedback from our guests and staff each year. This information is used to fine tune the FRIGHT NIGHTS Mazes and indeed any other relevant attraction. We look at elements such as the safe structure and fabric of buildings and fire safety including suitable fire alarms, firefighting equipment, evacuation/emergency planning and special effects like smoke, noise, fire, strobe lighting, chain saws, replica weapons, and the safe installation of props. 

Of course, we also like to add extra FUN to our experiences, all of which undergo additional specific checks before our guests are allowed to participate. Take the SAW ALIVE Maze for example. This is built on a floating pontoon, and a special team of divers are used to ensure the structural integrity through ultrasonic inspection of the steelwork.

Rest assured, each aspect of FRIGHT NIGHTS is checked daily and a Declaration of Operational Compliance (DOC) issued under The Amusement Device Inspection Procedures Programme (ADIPS). 

So you can see: our goal is to ensure that scaretastic means safetastic. Every step of the way.

For more information on Protecting the Magic, please visit our microsite.

October 2017

Merlin Entertainment