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Behind the scenes

When Bear Met Santa

Santa gets put through his paces at The Bear Grylls Adventure

Being Santa might sound all mince pies, sleigh rides and sherry but with only one night to deliver toys to millions of children all over the world, the pressure is on to be Christmas ‘A-game’ ready.

When a source close to Santa Claus revealed that he’d been a bit lapse with his exercise routine since last Christmas, the big man in red was invited down and welcomed to the The Bear Grylls Adventure in Birmingham where Bear himself was tasked with whipping him back into shape.

Honing his skydive skills Santa learnt the best retrieval techniques for flyaway presents escaping from his sleigh. Next up, the Royal Marines inspired obstacle course put ‘Old Saint Nick’ through his paces, scaling walls, shimmying drainpipes and climbing back up chimneys - the perfect training for his big night. It’s just what he needed to get his head back in the game.

After Santa’s training, Bear Grylls said: “This is the home of Earth’s greatest adventures so what better place for Santa to get in some last minute training before Christmas Eve. I feel so privileged that Santa chose myself and The Bear Grylls Adventure team to give him a helping hand!

“Santa was truly inspirational today, and it was a privilege to help him hone his flying skills ahead of the big day! All credit to Santa as he gave it his all on the assault course too, I’m confident he won’t be defeated by any chimneys this year so nobody will be disappointed this Christmas!”

Why not come along and see how you get on doing Santa’s training regime? Find out more about The Bear Grylls Adventure here: 

December 2018

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