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Bear Grylls discusses thrilling new attraction

As The Bear Grylls Adventure Birmingham Opens

The Bear Grylls Adventure is now open at the NEC in Birmingham! Visitors can escape the ordinary and test their limits, by taking on some of the Earth's most incredible mental and physical challenges. We spoke to Bear Grylls himself to find out more about this thrilling, world-first attraction.

What is The Bear Grylls Adventure?
The Bear Grylls Adventure really is a world-first adventure attraction. It is where you can come and try some of the most incredible adventures you can experience anywhere on the planet. You can sky dive, you can climb, you can dive with sharks, you can shoot – we’ve got escape rooms, survival mazes, you name it! This is all about pushing you out of your comfort zone and really inspiring that adventure spirit that all of us have.

How does it feel to have an attraction named after you?
It is obviously a huge honour having an attraction named after me, but it’s not about the name, it’s about what it brings out in people. For me this is about really encouraging that adventure spirit in all people, from all backgrounds, all ages. Really encouraging them to understand that in the wild, you’ve got to keep going, you’ve got to be persistent, you’ve got to face your fears sometimes, you’ve got to be positive, you’ve got to be resourceful. Having that never give up attitude counts for so much, not just in adventure but also in life and that is really what the Bear Grylls Adventure ethos is for me is about – it isn’t about Bear Grylls, it’s about you.

What was your favourite part of the attraction to create?
I think the most fun part for us to create as a team has to be the diving experience. So many people can’t quite believe you can really do this here, but we’ve trained people up, we’ve got incredible experts whether it’s in the sky diving, or the climbing, or the diving who give all their knowledge and expertise to you and take you through this process. Before you know it, you will be in that tank and you’ll be swimming surrounded by almost 1,000 different fish in there including blacktip reef sharks and it is pretty incredible to be part of!

Why do you think Birmingham is such an ideal location for the first Bear Grylls Adventure?
Birmingham is such a cool location for this, it is the UK's second city and it really is so international. The whole spirit of adventure is that it touches all of us, from whatever country we are from. I think people really want to experience a little taste of some of the adventures you can do all over the world - but to bring them together in a city like Birmingham is exciting.

No longer do you have to go to the far corners of the world to have adventures - here we have the highest free ropes course in all of Europe! To bring all of these amazing adventures together under one roof is pretty cool to see. It is a real testament to and incredible team that have worked so hard to bring that DNA of Adventure together and understand it is all about that tenacity, that never give up spirit - but first of all you have to be pushed and that is what this place is all about, pushing you out of your comfort zone and helping us all grow!

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September 2018

Bear Grylls Adventure
Bear Grylls discusses new Birmingham attraction
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