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Behind the scenes

Auditioning ghosts? Somebody has to…

A day in the life of one of Merlin’s creative managers

For the past 2 years, Natalie Weetman has worked at Alton Towers Resort as a creative manager, producing live shows in the resort and its hotels, plus annual events such as Scarefest. We spent some time asking her what exactly her job involves.

“I’m part of a team of three, which is great as we can bounce ideas off each other,” said Natalie. “Our job doesn’t always fit into a typical working day – we’re often found at 2am busy choreographing routines, writing scripts or clutching onto a Pritt stick and making mood boards!”

“The really great thing is the variety. One minute we’re looking at budgets and the next, we’re asking people to run around a room as ghosts for an audition – I’m currently in the middle of an audition tour, visiting eight cities around the UK to find new talent. It’s one of my favourite things as we get to discover and nurture a variety of new performers. We’re really lucky in having a great team of performers with so many talents who can always help us turn our ideas into something truly fantastical!”

“What’s really rewarding about this role is that it’s always stretching me. I’m constantly learning and developing my creative skills and I consider myself really lucky to have a job that lets me do that.”

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March 2017

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