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Behind the scenes

The Ultimate School Trip

How does Alton Towers Resort create an unforgettable experience for schoolchidlren?

As thousands of pupils from across the UK head to Alton Towers Resort, the theme park’s Education Team is busy behind the scenes making sure their out-of-classroom experience is unforgettable!

Jonny Harper, School Brands Manager at Alton Towers Resort, knows that a school trip can be one of your most memorable childhood experiences; “So much goes on behind the scenes as we prepare for the end of term school trips that bring thousands of children from all corners of the UK. They come expecting a day out to remember and we pride ourselves on delivering that.  Our world-beating rides are just the beginning … we also want to give them an insight into how the park works, and all the various people and careers that go into running a resort like Alton Towers.”

Jonny and his team deliver unique interactive workshops throughout the year, covering everything from how to build a rollercoaster, the science behind why people love thrill rides to a behind the scenes look at how the nation’s favourite theme park works! The fun continues with educational resources provided to use in the classroom that meet national curriculum requirements in a unique way.

The Education Team are also specialists in supporting pupils with additional needs to ensure they have all the assistance and support they require. “It’s important to us that everyone is able to enjoy their day out at Alton Towers Resort, and we’re continually reviewing how we can improve our facilities to ensure everyone feels welcome here. Earlier this year, we opened new quiet spaces and relaxation rooms for those who may struggle with anxiety or find large crowds stressful. The spaces provide a tranquil escape with sensory objects and atmospheric music to help guests feel calm.”

July 2018

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