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Meet the rescued seal pup Aayla

The Cornish Seal Sanctuary recently welcomed their latest recovering Grey Seal, Aayla. Aayla was initially rescued in Norfolk, as a malnourished pup with a small wound on her front right flipper.

After being treated by a vet, it was discovered that the injury to her flipper was much more serious than initially thought. Sadly, an infection had spread under the skin and into bones of her flipper and in order to survive, the bones had to be removed to stop the infection spreading further.

SEA LIFE Hunstanton in Norfolk offered to give Aayla a home to recover and start rehabilitation. The wound was healing very slowly and vets advised that she will require further medical treatment in the future.

Aayla was getting stronger every day and outgrew her rehabilitation pool, so the team at SEA LIFE begun looking for a long-term rehabilitation and care facility was needed.

Aayla recent moved to The Cornish Seal Sanctuary which is the perfect new home for her in sunny Cornwall, where she will not only have the best possible care but she will also be pool partners with one year old Jinx, who is currently on a weight loss programme and would welcome another friend to swim and play with!

August 2018

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