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Behind the scenes

A Demon Of A Job!

When THORPE PARK Resort announced Derren Brown’s Ghost Train: Rise of the Demon would be bringing a deeper, dark and more intense experience to the Island in 2017, the Entertainments team were faced with a unique challenge – to recruit and train their very own team of terrifying demons to pull off a unique scare in the new attraction!

“Not everybody could do it,” says Emma Rosier, one of the actors at THORPE PARK Resort trained as the Demon. So what does it take to become a demon? Alongside learning a very specific set of movements set in place by Merlin’s creative team at Merlin Magic Making designed to emulate how they imagine a demon would move, Emma says that “as long as you have charisma and you’re willing to throw yourself out there without getting embarrassed about anything” you might have what it takes!

But it’s not as straightforward as popping out of a door and saying boo. “It takes a lot of timing and precision,” Emma explains. And it turns out that being a Demon is a pretty good work out too.

The best bit about being a Demon? Guest reactions of course! “It’s nice because through the strobe you’ll see people just collapsing backwards – usually the unsuspecting ones at the front,” Nathan laughs. “You get good reactions from people,” Emma adds. “When you’re back out and the door is shut, you hear people saying oh my god, what was that? Did you see that? Where did it go? Is it an animatronic? Is it a hologram? It’s pretty cool.”

And it’s pretty apparent that Emma and Nathan absolutely love becoming the Demon. Emma explains “When people ask me what I do for a living I usually tell them I’m an actor at Thorpe Park. They’ll usually have tons of questions to ask but they do always think it’s amazing.” In fact, Nathan can hardly believe it himself, chuckling “I don’t even think me a year ago could have predicted that I’d be doing this as a full time job!”

September 2017

Merlin Entertainment