"WOLF LEGEND' Is The Name Of The New Drop And Twist Tower At Gardaland

Gardaland have revealed the name of its new, legendary attraction designed for families, thrill-seekers, and daredevils of all ages. The unveiling took place during a unique event involving numerous guests at the park, providing an unforgettable experience where they became integral participants and protagonists of the occasion.

Upon arrival, visitors were greeted by staff members who handed them mysterious numbered spheres containing a single clue: "At the howl of the wolf, you will reveal the name of the new attraction." At noon, following these instructions, guests gathered in Gardaland's central square, intrigued by the unusual summons and the key figure of the new adventurous attraction, the wolf.

Amidst amazement and wonder, guests assembled, each with their mystery object in hand. As the excitement built and a thrilling group countdown ensued, participants raised their puzzle pieces to the sky, unveiling the name of this year's secretive attraction. The name, "Wolf Legend," was captured by a drone flying overhead and projected onto screens throughout the park, leaving guests stunned. Excitement rippled through the park as word quickly spread about the opening of the new Drop and Twist Tower.

Wolf Legend promises to captivate both young and old daredevils alike with its gripping storyline, challenging them to undertake a daring ritual with courage and determination: to plunge into the jaws of the giant stone wolf and free it from the curse that binds it.

Once again, Gardaland succeeded in astounding its guests, who were the focal point of this event. This commitment to providing unique and engaging experiences reaffirms Gardaland's status as a premier destination in the realm of amusement parks, both in Italy and internationally, for the current season and beyond.