SEA LIFE Scheveningen Opens An Interactive Exhibition Named 'Power Of Nature'

On Wednesday April 24th, SEA LIFE Scheveningen opened a new interactive exhibition called: 'Power of Nature'. The exhibition is about wind farm Hollandse Kust Zuid, which is located off the coast of the Scheveningen aquarium. To celebrate the opening, children from group 6 from De Vuurtoren primary school were the first to visit the exhibition. The children learned from the characters Milly (technician) and Windston (marine ecologist) more about underwater life in the North Sea, the construction of a wind farm and research being done to strengthen ecology. Through interactive elements such as “Who is it?” with animals and a digital aquarium, visitors are taken into the choices made in the North Sea for a sustainable future. SEA LIFE Scheveningen has set up the exhibition 'Power of Nature' together with Vattenfall and its partners.


“SEA LIFE Scheveningen is known as a knowledge institute when it comes to education around the underwater world. With our team of aquarists, we always look around for topics that our visitors want to learn more about. The 'Hollandse Kust Zuid' wind farm can be seen from our attraction on nice days. The wind farm is an important sustainable energy supply for millions of households, but what does this mean for marine life in the North Sea? We dived into that and it can all be seen during the interactive exhibition 'Power of Nature!'"

Michelle Hoeneveld, General Manager, SEA LIFE Scheveningen

"The interactive exhibition 'Power of Nature' offers a unique look behind the scenes to learn more about the relationship between sustainable energy and the impact on marine life. Most people only see the parts that are above the surface, but there is also a lot going on under the water surface, such as a rich community of mussels, shrimps and anemones that grow on the turbines, but also the fish, lobsters and crabs that live around the specially designed artificial reefs not only a lot of electricity at sea, but they contribute to the preservation and strengthening of the underwater world in the North Sea. I am happy that we can now also share this in SEA LIFE Scheveningen.”

Tim Wilms, Marine Ecologist