Meet Pesto, the Newest Royal Resident of SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium

SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium is thrilled to announce the arrival of a king penguin chick named Pesto.

Since hatching on January 30, Pesto has been thriving under the watchful eyes of SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium's seasoned penguin keepers. Nestled snugly in the nursery within the Penguin Playground exhibit, Pesto is already making waves with its playful antics and insatiable curiosity about its parents - Hudson and Tango.

Sporting a fluffy coat of downy feathers, Pesto now weighs 9.1 kilograms, and its gender will be confirmed in the coming months.

With a diet consisting of nutrient-rich fish provided by keepers, little Pesto is growing stronger by the day, poised to become a magnificent ambassador for its species.

The arrival of Pesto marks a significant milestone for SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium, reaffirming its commitment to wildlife conservation and education.

Guests of all ages are invited to witness Pesto’s growth and development as it embarks on its journey alongside its parents.

"Our team is delighted to welcome Pesto as the newest member of our sub-Antarctic penguin colony. It's a privilege to play a role in the conservation of these magnificent creatures and to share their beauty with our guests."

Rhianne Manners, Penguin Keeper, SEA LIFE Melbourne

Guests can learn about the fascinating behaviours and characteristics of these remarkable birds and get a sneak ‘beak’ of Pesto between naps and interactions with its parents.

Guests can also discover a range of other marine and freshwater creatures at SEA LIFE Melbourne including sharks, rays, a saltwater crocodile, thousands of fish and more. For more information or to purchase tickets head to