Gardaland's New Attraction Will Be An Impressive Drop & Twist Tower

At Gardaland, excitement is growing for the new epic attraction for families, young thrill-seekers, and adventure seekers. Indeed, the new attraction for 2024 is beginning to take shape as its opening, scheduled for June, approaches.

As motorists drove into Castelnuovo del Garda today toward Gardaland Park, an extraordinary American tractor trailer, followed by two articulated lorries, caught their attention: the three vehicles were carrying a unique load: a purple octagonal tower that stands 25 meters high.

The awesome new attraction will be a “Drop & Twist Tower”, designed to provide a thrilling experience for guests both young and old.

After climbing aboard, adventurers will ride along to the sounds of a ritual chant surrounded by glistening symbols, spectacular lighting effects, and only when they reach the highest point of the attraction will they plummet through dense clouds of smoke. Guests will move up and down the tower several times, repeatedly rotating around the axis, before making the memorable final descent.

In the run-up to the reopening of Gardaland resort on Saturday 23rd  March, workers on the construction site of the new attraction have been assisting with the arrival of the tower at the park and its subsequent installation with assembly of the “gondola”, formed of the 16 seats on which the adventurous passengers will sit once the ride is finished.

The three pieces that make up the new Drop & Twist Tower, weighing a total of around 22,000 kg, have been assembled and,− with the help of two cranes − hoisted by means of straightening operations specifically designed for the area in question.

The new tower is equipped with a hydraulic system that allows the different movements and effects of the gondola to be controlled via a state-of-the-art touch screen control panel.

"We can't wait to inaugurate this attraction that is destined to become a new icon of Gardaland. Thanks to its impressive set design and light and sound effects, our guests will be involved in a memorable experience. It promises to be not just a fun experience but also a real adventure, which will spark the imagination and guarantee excitement for our visitors."

Sabrina de Carvalho, Divisional Director, Gardaland Resort

The logistical operation that allowed the work to be completed on site before the opening of the Park was also rendered possible thanks to collaboration between Gardaland and Mesaroli Group, a team of expert transporters. Working together to study every single detail, they moved this imposing tower from its place of construction − in the province of Padua − to the heart of the Park (a distance of around 80 km).