Top Tips For Theme Park Visits This Summer

Theme parks have something for everyone, from fun-loving family escapes to thrillseekers ready to take on our jaw-dropping rides! We want to ensure you can theme park like a pro and create the most magical memories with your family and friends, so check out our handy top 10 tips for all the insider tips to make the most of your adventure this summer.

  • Download the free Resort App and theme park like a pro! With precise queue & show times, a detailed map with wayfinding, personalised day planner, digital wallet to store your tickets and passes as well as top tip notifications through the day - our Resort Apps are here to help you plan the ultimate visit, all in the palm of your hand.

  • Plan, plan plan: Before your exciting adventure, spend some time planning what you want to see and do in advance. Our Resorts are crammed full of exciting attractions and shows, as well as restaurants that will keep you and your family and friends entertained whilst not in a ride queue. Head to the Resort website or download the app to make sure you’re always up to date!
  • Make your last ride count! Consider saving your favourite ride until last - queue lines close at the advertised park closing time, not the park itself. Join the queue at the very last minute and sneak in one last ride!
  • Bring lots of water and sunscreen! Of course there is water available on park, but it’s always good to have your own supply in case you find yourself queuing for longer than expected. Sun cream is also available in dispensers at certain parks too.
  • Grab a bite slightly later, more like 3PM. Restaurants on park are popular around peak lunchtime so saving food until later not only means you’ll skip a wait for food, but you’ll also find the queues for rides are shorter at these times too – double win!

  • Buy your ticket online BEFORE your visit. No queues when you arrive, just walk straight up to the gate and scan your ticket! Also if you’re able to, arrive before park opening. We’re not talking ages before, but if you arrive 15 mins before the gates open, not only will you be one of the first in the park (which let’s face it, is pretty cool in itself) but for the first hour you’ll be able to take advantage of the shortest queues of the day.
  • Take a picture of where you’ve parked. You’ll thank us later and let’s face it we’ve all been there!

  • Time to face the facts – you’re probably going to find yourself in a queue at some point during the day. Food and drinks aren’t allowed on rides, but they ARE allowed in queues! If you need to grab a drink or snack make sure you enjoy it whilst you’re waiting for your next ride, that way you’re not wasting any time. But remember, please take your rubbish with you!
  • Accessibility Needs: Our rides and attractions have a variety of restrictions which are in place to ensure the safety of our guests. Each ride has their own set of restrictions, so we recommend heading to the individual attraction website before visiting to check the latest information and plan your day. If you can’t find what you need, reach out to our dedicated team who are on hand to help.