Prime Minister Anthony Albanese visits WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo

Australia’s answer to the Easter Bunny, the Greater Bilby, is being given another chance to bounce around this Easter.

On 6th April 2023, the Prime Minister of Australia, Anthony Albanese came to visit the Bilby Exhibit at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo, before announcing a new plan to guide the protection and recovery of this iconic species. The new Recovery Plan draws on First Nations knowledge and western science to help bring this precious species further back from the brink. It includes activities like research and management by Traditional Owners, removing and managing feral species, and repairing Bilby habitats.

Once inhabiting two-thirds of Australia, Bilby populations are now reduced to 15% of Australia's land, largely in Central Australia. Sadly, the Greater Bilby is listed as vulnerable under environmental law. It is at risk of extinction from habitat loss, introduced predators like cats and foxes, and fire.