Pint-sized Penguin Makes A Splash At SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast Aquarium

In a heart-warming display of bravery and marking a significant milestone in her early life, SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast Aquarium’s little blue penguin chick has taken her very first swim.

The chick displayed her natural instincts as she waddled into the water under the watchful eyes of SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast's experienced animal care team. With a blend of curiosity and determination, she navigated her way to the water, leaving observers in awe of her small yet impressive display.

“The first swim is a pivotal stage in the chick’s development, as it signifies the transition into its aquatic habitat. This event emphasises the vital role our team plays in nurturing and preparing these creatures for their lifelong aquatic journey.”

Jess Hart, Marine Animals Manager, SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast

SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast offers an engaging platform for guests to connect with marine life conservation. In celebration of the chick’s debut swim, guests are encouraged to book a Penguin Encounter, providing them with the opportunity to witness the little blue penguin’s aquatic skills up close and learn more about the vital conservation work carried out by the aquarium.

The chick’s early swims offer a delightful spectacle and also underscore our dedication to raising awareness about the importance of preserving marine environments and their inhabitants."

This exciting journey will continue to unfold at SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast over the school holidays, offering ongoing opportunities for guests to observe the little blue penguin chick as she grows and thrives within the colony.

Guests are encouraged to enter the competition to name the newly sexed little blue penguin chick on SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast’s social channels- and

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